Maria Island Retreat: FAQ


Can I come for two nights?

Absolutely! However, we encourage you to come for three nights if possible as you’ll gain so much from the time away and the women you meet. You deserve it!

The cost for two nights is $275.
The ferry has limited services during August, departing Maria Island 11:15 am, 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm.

When do I need to pay?

The retreat cost is $325 and numbers are limited to 20, so we encourage you to commit as soon as possible. We’ll take bookings up until the end of July but earlier means your place is guaranteed.
You can secure your place with a 50% deposit, with full payment due within two weeks of the deposit being paid. For payment options please contact us.

What are the rooms like?

There are six bunk beds in each room, however we intend to have only 2-3 participants per room so there’s plenty of space and plenty of choice.
There’s a wooden table and bench seats, in addition to shelving for storing your belongings. The wood fire keeps the rooms warm and toasty, and there’s a large wood box on the covered verandah just outside your door. There’s no power or running water in the rooms.

Are the beds comfortable?

Very comfortable! The vinyl-covered mattresses are firm, supportive and well cleaned.

What if I’m a snorer?

We’ll ascertain everyone’s sleeping habits and issues prior to the retreat. If you snore, we’ll put you in a room with another snorer. We want everyone to be well rested and sleep is important.

What facilities are available?

The communal hall adjacent to the rooms has power and lighting, so there’s no problem charging devices during the day. There’s an open fire to stay toasty warm and enjoy the winter ambience.
The kitchen has plenty of gas burners for cooking and large sinks to wash up. There’s lots of seating and large tables to enjoy your meals and socialize. From memory, there may be some ping pong tables for those who enjoy a hit. Adjacent to the mess hall is a toilet block with sinks and mirrors.
It’s a short walk to a large sheltered area with gas BBQs, hot plates, wood fires, and sinks. Adjacent to the BBQ area is another toilet block with hot showers. Showers require a $1-coin for operation.

How fit do I need to be?

As fit as you want. Each day there’ll be a variety of physical activities and talks. A guided walk to Bishop & Clerk is suited to those used to longer walks, but there’s also shorter walks at a slower pace. We’ll have a daily strength training workout, and optional bike riding. If you prefer to stay close to the accommodation and do short walks to the beach or ruins, that’s up to you.
There will be fantastic talks on a variety of health and wellness issues each day, and an evening get together for socialising and having fun.
We are absolutely able to accommodate anyone with back issues or other physical problems – just let us know in advance so we know how we can help you.

How will I manage luggage?

Easy! Once you’ve checked in at the ferry terminal we’ll help with luggage. When we arrive at the island, there are large wheeled trolleys to take everything to the accommodation. Each trolley holds luggage for 2-4 people, so we can share the load and wheel them together. If you have physical issues there’ll be someone to assist.

What food should I bring?

We’ll provide basics like cooking oil and condiments.
There’s no refrigeration so anything you freeze beforehand is great. It’s up to you if you prefer to cook everything from scratch, or whether you freeze pre-prepared meals. We’ll connect you with other participants to liaise with meals if you want. Remember – there are no shops on the island.
While the retreat has a focus on health and wellness, everything doesn’t have to be “healthy”. A healthy life is balanced, so if you enjoy chocolate and chips every now and then, pack them in!
Bring along your preferred evening beverage. Sitting down at the end of the day with a group of friends, in front of the open fire with a glass of wine, gin and tonic, or hot chocolate, is a wonderful opportunity to relax and socialize with an amazing group of women.

Do I have to cook?

No! If the thought of cooking while you’re away at a retreat is too overwhelming, please be in touch and we can discuss alternate arrangements and costs.

More questions?

If your question isn’t answered here, please phone 0458-082-042 or email